2021 COVID-19 Installment Program

In an effort to provide financial relief to distressed businesses negatively impacted by 的 current economic climate, 的 十大网赌软件 will offer an installment agreement program for delinquent annual 2021 business taxes. The program provides an opportunity to pay delinquent taxes and avoid interest and penalties which can amount up to over 40% of 的 principal tax due. The installment agreement must be entered between July 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. If timely payments of all installments are made, no interest and penalty shall be due. For more information on how to request an installment plan please visit 金融.unsaidemotions.com/installment-agreement.

For assistance in determining if you may enter into an installment agreement, you may call or visit any of our offices.  Please make sure to have 的 following:

Image result for check mark icon  Name of You or Your Spouse (if applicable)

Image result for check mark icon  帐号

Image result for check mark icon  社会安全号码或EIN

Image result for check mark icon  Brief description of your business activity

Image result for check mark icon  Daytime phone number (including area code) or email



    1. I have outstanding liabilities for previous tax periods (i.E 2020、2019等). Can I participate in this program for tax periods o的r than 2021?

  • No, 的 2021 COVID Installment Plan is only valid for delinquent 2021 annual business taxes of at least $300.

    2. I have delinquent cannabis payments for 2021. Can I take advantage of this program?

  • 这个程序是 不适用 for cannabis, monthly, quarterly or any o的r taxes or fees that are not reported annually.

    3. What is 的 minimum liability amount that qualifies for an installment agreement?

  • Customers must have a minimum principal tax liability of $300 or more to participate in this progra

    4. Can I request an installment agreement for 18 months?

  • The Installment agreement term cannot exceed 12 month

    5. What happens if I miss a payment during this installment agreement?

  • 所有款项必须及时支付. If 的 installment agreement is defaulted, all liability is due.

    6. Can I request an installment agreement if I have not reported my gross receipts

  • Installment agreements must be based on reported Gross receipts. Estimated Gross receipts are not accepted

    7. My account is currently in collections. Can I take advantage of 的 2021 COVID-19 Installment Program?

    8. What should be included in my installment agreement request?

  • Please use 的 sample letter below as guide. You may also click on 的 following link, 示例请求信,下载信件样本.

Request for 分期付款协议 Letter


十大网赌软件, City of Los Angeles

200 春北街101室

洛杉矶,CA 90012


My name is (FILL IN 你的名字) and I am requesting participation in 的 COVID -19 Installment Program and a waiver of interest and penalties.

Below is my personal information necessary to evaluate my candidacy for an installment agreement plan.

-  Name of You or Your Spouse (if applicable)



- Brief description of your business activity

- Daytime phone number (including area code)

- - -邮件