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  • About Yuntian

    Taizhou Huangyan Yuntian Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd. is professional in the design & manufacturing of plastic moulds, including automotive moulds, Bumper Mould, Lamp Mould, Automotive Interior Mould ...

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    Mould Design

    Mold engineering designers of Yuntian, which have experience in comprehensive development concept. The engineers attaches great importance to the mold production process.the design,trying to make with ...

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    We possess a set of excellent maching processing system and advanced equipment,assure customers with best quality and shortest lead-time,to improve competition ability in the market.

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    The company is ISO9001 certified

    Our Partner

    Excellent quality, work together to target!

    • Mould Base Manufacturers: Lkm

      Lung Kee Group,being one of the four largest mould base manufacturers in the world, has been ranked No.1 in its mould base sales quantity in Asia for years

    • Hot Runner: YUDO

      YUDO, a Hot Runner System supplier, was founded in 1980 by Francis Yu. Since then, we have focused on the quality of the systems and the customer's satisfactions.

    • Hot Runner: HASCO

      HASCO - our partner for intelligent hot runner solutions competent - fast - reliable - worldwide. This makes the manufacture automatable and low-cost.

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