Electronic Funds Transfer 支付ments (ACH) 常见问题解答

Who is required to make electronic payments?

所有税款 50000美元或更多 必须 通过电子资金转帐进行. (Ordinance #176160, effective September 25, 2004). 然而, tax payments of less than $50,000 五月 电子支付.

What methods of electronic payments are allowed?

The City of Los Angeles through Wells Fargo receives its electronic payments via the Federal Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. The City accepts both ACH Credit and ACH Debit.

Other tax jurisdictions use a telephone payment system. Does the City offer this electronic payment option?

No. ACH Credit and ACH Debit are the only electronic payment options authorized by the City. These formats include an addenda record (see below) to expedite processing of your payment.

What is required to make these ACH payments?

For ACH Credit, you 必须 first contact your bank to set up ACH payments. Once this has been done, you 必须 complete an Electronic Fund Transfer Pre-Registration with the 十大网赌软件 before you can start using this payment option.

For ACH Debit, you do not have to pre-register with the 十大网赌软件. 然而, you have to inform your bank that you are going to make a payment to the 十大网赌软件 using this payment option. Some banks do not offer this payment option or they put a limit on the amount of money that can be taken out from your bank account. To renew or pay your bill online 请 visit our website at 在线纳税人服务. 支付ment is simple and easy with no complex registration required. ACH Debit is only available when making payments through our website.

如果我选择用ACH信用卡付款, what information 必须 I provide to ensure that my account is properly credited?

When formatting your ACH Credit payment, you 必须 include your Tax Registration Certificate number (Taxpayer Account Number) in the ACH addenda record. Use the following format (example shown here): 000123456-0001-0-201701M-U004 

在这个例子中, 000123456-0001-0 is the account number, 201701M is the tax period and type (the first month of 2017), 基金/类别为U004. 下面是另一个例子: 000123456-0001-0-201700A-L049 

在这个例子中, 000123456-0001-0 is the account number, 201700A is the tax period and type (the 2017 annual renewal), 基金/类别为L049.

Your account number, tax period and type, and fund/class all appear on 你的税单 或更新语句.

No other information should be transmitted in the addenda record, and the account number 必须 appear first. If you are paying for multiple accounts, 多个时期, 或多个基金/类, include only the account with the highest value, followed by the word "MORE" in the record: 000123456 - 0001 - 0 - 000123456 -:下面实例中的m - u004更多

Please ensure that the ACH Settlement Date is on or after the tax due date but before the delinquent date.

非常重要: 请将报税表电邮至 金融.ACH@unsaidemotions.com the same day that your ACH Credit payment is processed (ACH Settlement Date). If you are paying for multiple accounts and/or locations, 请 also fax a schedule reconciling the total ACH Credit payment to the various accounts, 期, and fund/classes so that we 五月 properly credit your payment(s) without delay. Use the account format given above for each amount to be reconciled.

What if I cannot make payments using ACH?

If you are unable to use the ACH payment method through your bank, you will need to continue to remit payment by check with your monthly or annual Tax Statement. Include with your first payment a letter stating the reason why you are unable to pay via ACH.

This page doesn't answer all my ACH questions. Whom can I contact for further assistance?

Please be aware that each bank handles ACH payments differently. Many have proprietary web interfaces for their customers. The City cannot provide assistance with the proprietary interface.

If you have difficulties arranging ACH payments through your bank and need to discuss alternatives or if you have any other questions about electronic tax payments to the City, 请 十大网赌软件.